Bozeman’s Gluten-Free Food Guide

Bozeman's Gluten-free Food Guide

Finding gluten-free food options can be a challenge when you travel or live in less urban environments. For example, back in college, when I got diagnosed with celiac disease, there wasn’t a single place in Bozeman where I felt safe eating out. Luckily, the dining situation has since changed!
I compiled a list of my favorite places to go when we eat or order out in Bozeman. When eating out, it’s always essential to voice your allergies to your server for extra clarity and safety.

A few of our favorite places in Bozeman are not only full of great food but an all-around great time! One thing that is so fun about downtown Bozeman restaurants is the ability to take a stroll after dinner.

Gluten-free Guide to Bozeman

There are varying degrees of comfort when it comes to gluten-free dining. For these lists, I am going off personal experience and my experience eating at these restaurants with celiac disease. Although I may not have gotten a reaction, it is crucial to express your dietary restrictions to your server before ordering, just in case.

1. Whistle Pig Korean

My husband and I LOVE Whistle Pig. This is hands down one of the best casual meals in Bozeman. The owner’s have an incredible menu full of amazing flavor, and options for a variety of diets and tastes. The best thing about Whistle Pig is their steaming hot rock bowls they serve their Bimbap in for an additional dollar. The staff is incredible knowledgeable about allergies and celiac disease. A variety of their sauces are gluten-free and their menu is clearly marked for easy ordering. Definitely get the steaming rock bowl if you choose to dine in, the experience is unmatched in Bozeman!

Image courtesy of Whistle Pig Korean

2. Seven Sushi

Sushi in Montana…I know what you are thinking at this exact moment you are reading the name of the restaurant. But, just trust me, this sushi is fantastic and they have an entirely gluten-free menu. Seven Sushi takes a lot of pride in their rolls and their care for their customers with food allergies. Did I also mention…they deliver? During the pandemic, this was one of our favorite weekend delivery date nights. We would eat sushi on the porch and watch the sunset from our lawn chairs.

Image courtesy of Seven Sushi

3. Five on Black

Another fast-casual dining experience right downtown in Bozeman. It’s funny because this location was one of my favorite Pho restaurants in college, and when that went away, Five on Black moved into the site and is a great alternative. Five on Black is a delicious Brazilian food restaurant that is set up as a “choose your own adventure” style eatery. The entire menu is gluten-free and dairy-free unless you choose to order their fried cheese bread (which honestly looks so good, I am very jealous I can’t indulge!). Not only is Five on Black full of flavor, but the customization also allows you to personalize your bowl.

Image courtesy of Five on Black

4. Tanglewood

Upscale dining and a superb atmosphere draw you into Tanglewood. The first time we went to Tanglewood, it was to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and I was nervous I would be able to eat anything on the menu. Do you take a look at the menu before you go to a restaurant? I remember sitting in my house looking at the menu and feeling like it would be another dinner of drinking water and watching my family eat, but my dad said they did gluten-free options, to my surprise. Although not outwardly advertised, they are very capable of managing allergies, and most of their menu has a gluten-free alternative; you just have to ask!

Image courtesy of Tanglewood

5. Montana Ale Works

Montana Ale Works is a Bozeman staple! The food is terrific, and the restaurant itself is part railroad car from the original railroad that passed through Bozeman. If you have 0 allergies, I would suggest getting the chicken quesadilla (I used to get this all the time before I got diagnosed with celiac disease). Still, if you have allergies of any kind, their staff can assist you in choosing the best option for your needs. There is a reason that Montana Ale Works is voted ‘Best in Bozeman’ year after year because this place is a well-oiled machine! They have such personable service, fantastic food, and the vibes are great! Montana Ale Works won’t disappoint whether you are dining on the patio (weather permitted) or stopping by for an early dinner after a day at Bridger Bowl.

6. Farmacy

Farmacy is a great vegan and healthy vegetarian option that is just west of town. I love their unique options for vegetables for your grain bowl or salad (like their Brussel sprouts and mushroom combinations). They have a similar ‘choose your own adventure’ layout for ordering, and you can build your bowl. Farmacy also has an excellent app for ordering ahead of time and getting delivery in town. I used to order a big salad and juice to my office all the time, and it was a great pickup in the middle of the day!

Image courtesy of Farmacy

There are more!

More options in Bozeman offer safe gluten-free dining, but these are my favorites. Although we don’t eat out a ton, we tend to go to the five options above for a great meal and a good time. Of the options above, our go-to for lunch is Farmacy, then to Whistle Pig for dinner, and Tanglewood for an occasion. At first glance, it may look like some of the options above aren’t celiac friendly, but although not outwardly marketed, I have put them to the test year after year, meal after meal, and love the variety of good eats and options above!

Give these a try and tag me so I can see where you eat in Bozeman!

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