About Me

Hi! I am Paige, a professional photographer and recipe developer for all things gluten-free!

My passion for baking started at a young age. I love the science, the routine, and the creativity that I can have in the kitchen. I remember the first recipe that I ever made on my own so vividly. The classic New York Cheesecake. This recipe was challenging for my 8-year-old self, fun to make and delicious. I was hooked ever since. 

How I started Paige Bakes;

In college, I studied film and photography, where I emphasized my concentration in food photography. During my thesis, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and didn’t know how to cook or bake for myself. At the time I was living in Southwest Montana and there were little to no options that were gluten-free. I took this turn as a challenge and launched @FrontPaigeBakes. 

Through my journey, I document healthy, indulgent, and all the recipes that my friends and family crave – but gluten-free and mostly Vegan for all my friends in the celiac community! I love to document new recipes, life changes, and use frontpaige.net my creative outlet! 

Thanks for following along on my journey! Let’s start baking! 

My Latest Recipes

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