We Bought a House!

I’ve re-written this post probably three times now and I just feel like I have to get it out! If you are new here, HI and WELCOME! Over the past four years of post-college graduation, my husband and I have been mobile for his career in the military. Last year, after three years of service in the Air Force he transitioned to civilian life. We moved back to Montana to be closer to family. Between settling back into the place where I started, we met and went to college we had an itch we couldn’t quite scratch. I took a leap of faith and rebranded my digital marketing business (that Paige Bakes is a part of!) and Drew had the opportunity to take training in South Carolina for a few months. He was presented with an incredible opportunity to join a new EOD team in Texas.

It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks and let’s just say there have been incredible highs and some lows. It has been incredible to be so close to both our parents and around an incredible group of friends. But this transition has given us some amazing highs! I am taking the leap to go back to working full time on my business, and help grow my clients business – and finish my graduate degree in the spring! There are so many exciting moments that have happened in the last few months.

When I turned 21, I made a list of goals I wanted to achieve in my 20s. One of those was to purchase a house, with no help by the time I was 30. In 2019, we made an offer on an adorable house in Bozeman, right after we moved back to Montana. I was devastated when they didn’t accept our offer. Something about the process and the excitement made the possibility so real. We found an adorable rental that made the past year 10x better! I was able to walk to work every day – semi year-round. The negative temps were too cold for my moose and me!

In early July of 2020, in the rush of this COVID-19 world, my husband Drew got to go to training for his military work. Three months led into four with some very exciting news for his career. He was presented with the opportunity to join a new team in Texas on active duty. After careful and quick consideration, we took the leap for our family. With Drew being on orders in Texas and Moose and I finishing up my work at Heyday in Bozeman, (I am their e-commerce manager), it has been a crazy almost two months. Since this is the first location we will be stationed at for longer than a year, we decided to start looking for a house to buy. When I say we, Drew actually! He was able to get 48 hours to come back to Montana to gather his car and we could lay some groundwork on looking at areas to purchase in central Texas.

Drew’s 48 hours in Bozeman before leaving for Texas again

As soon as Drew got back to Texas he started working with another EOD wife who is a realtor. She made my life so easy from afar, that I couldn’t recommend working with her enough (Kylie – Pelham Group)! Drew found an adorable place, I have only seen on facetime – crazy I know! We closed this past week and our household goods are en route from Montana to our new home. In a few short weeks, Moose and I will be hitting the highways and headed south to join Drew!

It might sound silly, or even hard to understand but military life isn’t for everyone or every spouse. It’s hard to explain that this excitement and constant moving excites me. When I graduated with my undergraduate degree, I jumpstarted my career with a long and hard year of long-distance before we got married. I started to establish my career remotely and turning my passions into a business. When I started Paige Bakes, I was always hustling and bustling with a full-time job and Paige Bakes took the brunt of it. I am so excited to be able to bring more to you through this platform, share more of my life, and really bring you along for the exciting moments in and out of the kitchen! PS. I can’t wait to give you a kitchen tour of MY new kitchen!

Along with my work here, you can catch me building brands strategies, e-commerce and marketing through my business – Dot Digital Media LLC.

In the meantime! Check out my instagram for more updates and exciting things – like pictures of our new house!

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    Poorwa Vishwakarma
    November 13, 2020 at 9:41 am

    Wow… such a beautiful place.

    • Reply
      November 13, 2020 at 7:09 pm

      Thank you! Sneak peek of our home in an email shortly!

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