Holiday Gift Guide for the Baker

As someone who has worked in retail, specifically e-commerce for the last 6 years I love the holiday season of gifting. Overtime it can be challenging when you feel like you run out of things to give the special people in your life. Gift guides are extremely helpful for guidance and ideas for people in your life with specific interests or hobbies.

A few things I do year-round that help me identify the perfect gift for someone I love is slowly taking notes on my phone on trends or little details that people around me. For instance, my sister is relatively easy to shop for because we have very similar interests. Still, on the other hand, my mom is not that easy because anything she wants, she can get for herself. So surprising her with a gift can be a challenge because she has many interests and has a range of people in our family shopping for a gift.

This might sound crazy, but I LOVE the targeted ads that I get on Instagram and Facebook, mainly because I have honed my interests in small businesses, home decor, furniture, and baking/kitchen items. I have a running list on my phone of things that I see, hear on podcasts, and stumble across in person. This helps the people in my life, but it is always tricky when you aren’t sure what they would like as a gift when there is a new family addition; that is why I LOVE gift guides!

Gift Guide for the Baker

Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer

By far the Kitchen Air mixer is the most used counter appliance in my house. I use it for literally everything from baking cookies, perfect frostings and even shredding chicken. This holiday season it will be used a ton! For Thanksgiving, the mixer expertly smoothed the potatoes for my mashed potatoes. 100% worth the price and something that is a staple in any kitchen.

Cookie Baking Sheet Set

Good sheet trays for baking make a world of difference. Different ovens can potentially warp sheet pans or cause them to unevenly distribute heat. This set is a great start for any baker or new home owner. The Silpat is great for eco-friendly baking and the cooling rack is a must for cooling multiple batches of baked goods.

Measuring Cups (a plus if they are cute!)

I use metal, ceramic and glass measuring cups in my kitchen. I love to have ceramic measuring cups for styling, cooking and for serving. They come in so handy for a variety of reasons aside from just measuring baking ingredients.

Ceramic Loaf Pan

Ceramic loaf pans don’t only look gorgeous, but they are so great for an even baking process. I love quick breads and use my ceramic loaf pan at least 3 times a week. They are a staple in a kitchen and are a perfect addition to a kitchen.

Happy Gifting Season!

Happy gifting season! I hope you got some great gifting ideas for the baker in your life and enjoy giving gifts this holiday.

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