Coffee Talk

Hi y'all! I think many of you can tell how obsessed I am with my morning coffee. I talk about it all the time! If some of you didn't know I work for Williams Sonoma corporate and it really helps my baking and coffee addiction! 

For Christmas I decided to splurge and get Drew and I a nice Nespresso for our house after we get married! If you didn't know Drew also is part owner of a coffee shop and his coffee love is just as vast! Williams Sonoma was having a sale on Nespresso (its still going on! Grab one!) and I felt that it was time to get a little machine! I decided to get the Prodigio machine.  It makes the perfect creme on my espresso shot! And it links to my iPhone! How cool is that?! I can brew a Nespresso while I am in the shower!

Anyway! I highly suggest getting one!