Mini Gluten-Free Orange Sage Muffins

Let's get sweet & savory!


Orange you glad...

I love love love the flavor of orange! Baked treats with orange extract, orange zest, and orange juice are just delicious to me! I remember as a kid my sister and I would get these scones from our local coffee shop that were orange nutmeg and they just were my guilty Sunday pleasure! When I was dreaming about this KNOW foods cake mix, I knew I needed to make an orange muffin! 


These muffins have a soft inside but have a moist crumb! The sage adds a savory element that balances the nutty cupcake mix! Talk about delicious! I love eating a mini muffin with a cup of tea for an after dinner treat of subtle sweetness!


Give these a whirl and let me know how you enjoy your muffins!