Gluten-Free Grocery List

Hi friends! I have put together an interactive grocery list based on the staples that are always in my pantry or my cart! 

When I first got diagnosed with celiac disease I seriously didn't know how to shop or change my eating habits because it was breaking 20 years of habits! Also, I was living in rural Montana and classic pantry items I loved to snack on were either impossible to find or SO expensive! I have been a huge source for my sister as she is navigating the same diagnosis I had and I know how hard it is when you walk into the store and your brain goes blank! Check out my sisters site here


So let's talk about what to buy!


This is a list of things that I always buy and have on stock for baking and for general munching! I always buy seasonal foods for my produce, and keep a few staples like spinach, apples, bell peppers & bananas on hand for easy and naturally gluten-free munching!

Tag me if you make something and enjoy my list! *Blank list below!