Avocado Fudge (healthy & sugar free!)


I LOVE fudge! You can find my other fudge recipe here! I decided to toss up a new recipe and add in avocados because healthy fat is where its at! Also, I LOVE when fudge has some delicious chunks of brownies in it and No Cow's brownie bars are perfect in texture for this! Chop one up and toss it in for extra delicious flavor!


These fudge bites are healthy, sugar free and really hit your craving big time! Even better if you are on a keto diet because they are also very low in carbs and will taste like a really deliciously bad treat!


I hope you love this recipe as much as I do! Thank you to No Cow for collaborating and Sponsoring this post! For more fun treats and recipes check out their site in "Recipes"!