Holiday Sugar Scrub - Easy & Perfect for the Holidays!

Snow is falling and the holiday season is upon us. Christmas music is constantly playing in our house and the smell of cinnamon, vanilla and sugar fills our kitchen daily. Since I was a kid my sister and I have gone full force into the spirit of the holidays.


You name it, from sparkly nails to homemade pumpkin bread and sugar cookies out the wazoo! One thing we do every year to prep for our holiday cookie parties and white elephants is a treat yourself day. This includes fall scented candles the movie “Elf”, body scrubs that smell like vanilla and nutmeg and sparkly holiday nails.


Now that my sister and I are both adults, we bring our husbands into the treat yourself day and have it tailored to what we all like! Cinnamon rolls, body scrubs, holiday music and some touch football! Because the body scrub is also perfect for your lips, it makes a great gift for your friends and family! This year, we added Health-Ade Holiday Cheers, a touch of ground nutmeg and it not only smells amazing, but it tastes delicious!


Let’s start the scrub!


My favorite thing about at home scrubs, is that they are so easy to make, customize and scent the way you want them without nasty chemicals. This scrub is even tasty, so if you get some in your mouth while you exfoliate your lips it’s a win win!