Sugar Free Hazelnut Truffles

Happy New Year!! I'm challenging myself to do another 30 days of being sugar free! As you guys know after Thanksgiving I removed refined sugar from my diet until Christmas just to make my body function better! There is nothing wrong with eating a diet that includes sugar, my body just functions better without it!

One reason I give up refined sugar even as a recipe developer is I suffer from chronic headaches! By reducing or removing the refined foods and sugar from my diet my headaches really subside and mostly disappear!

BUT, that doesn't mean that I don't crave sweets like any other lady at that time of the month! I tend to crave chocolates or cookies and these truffles had my tummy so satisfied after just 1!


My hazelnut truffles are sugar free, creamy, with a slight crunch, and taste like heaven!


This is a definite must try recipe if you are looking into New Years Resolutions! Healthy, delicous and tastes like there might be sugar in it - but there isn't! Check it out and try it for yourself!