Healthy Vegan & Gluten Free No-Sugar Added Brownies


A few weeks ago before Christmas I gave up all refined sugar and seriously my body has been feeling amazing! I of course didnt miss out on all the holiday fun and totally indulged in some delicious treats! But now that Christmas is over I am feeling more inspired than ever to start making delicous treats that are refined sugar free and full of delicious flavor!


So why not start out the first recipe post the holiday with a refined sugar free?! I am not a person who thinks about New Years Resolutions, I'm more into sticking to things you can actually stick to like goals! One goal of mine is to start working more cutting refined sugar and sticking to that in my recipes as well! Let's all try together! 


Let's do it! Let's start our journey to clean eating desserts now instead of waiting like the rest of the world! Getting a head start is the best and especially when it comes to health! Tag me if you make these I'd love to see your healthy recipes and get on this health kick with me!