Gluten-Free & Vegan Shortbread Cookies with Jam

I have the fondest memories of thumbprint jam cookies as a kid! My mom would always put them into our lunches for school and my favorite were the raspberry jam! I got the most amazing package from Foodlyn and couldn't resist remaking these cookies with vegan ingredients and also gluten free! 


This was the most delicious jam I have ever tasted! The raspberry has a hint of basil and just coats your body in a hug of delicious! But, I love pears! Like LOVE pears! When I tasted this pear jam I wanted to jump up and down its so amazing! The hint of vanilla bean in the jam adds the most amazing pairing to the shortbread cookies!


These cookies are perfect for the winter when you need a hint of summer! The jam adds the freshest bite to the cookie and you can't just have one!


Seriously, you need to place an order for these jams and try out this recipe! It will immediately transport you back to your childhood! Tag me in them when you make them and enjoy!