Raspberry Mint Sorbet

To me, the easiest and healthiest dessert is a homemade sorbet! I always have berries in my freezer for this reason! I grabbed my frozen raspberries & some fresh mint and viola! There is no added sugar to this recipe because, my fruit was super sweet with a slight tang. To be honest... you really don't need added sugar. It's hard as a baker and food photographer because I get lost sometimes in the mix of should all my recipes be healthy? But, I live in the zone of balance. My husband, if you guys didn't know is in the Air Force (he's a badass) and works out like a maniac for his job; I on the other hand, find that there has to be balance to life. I work out to make my body feel good not to burn off my recipes! Food is fuel y'all and sugar isn't bad in moderation! 

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