Milky Way Bars (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

After spending the best few days with my best friend and her parents before my wedding, I kept having the best dreams of Megan's mom's milky way bars she use to make when we were little. Megan and I would race up her driveway and munch down on these gooey and delicious treats! I have been craving them since I was about 16 years old and knew that my dreams of eating them needed to come true!

I recreated her recipe to make this recipe a vegan and gluten free version so we celiacs can enjoy it too! There are so many things that I miss out on due to my food issues and as a foodie it kinda super freaking sucks! When it comes to eating and eating treats I always make them because 1. I never trust the places when I buy them at the store unless its a trusty brand and 2. I can usually make them better than that $5 muffin at the starbucks down the street. So if you guys are vegan or lactose free or gluten free, please please please just try making some of my recipes! They are truly fool proof and really delicious! Feel free as always to share and eat along with me and my family!

Let's start baking!