Vegan & Gluten-Free Strawberry Pop Tarts!

Drew had a few days off these past few weeks to prep for a big trip he is taking for work and we ended up going to our favorite coffee shop almost everyday for our morning cup. They have the best toast and even a gluten free toaster, cutting board and separate peanut butter so its a place we go all the time because your girl can actually eat there! They also serve these MASSIVE pop tarts and Drew loves to get them. Since we are a gluten-free house, he requested that I whip him up some so we could have them at home! I jumped at this chance because who doesn't love a strawberry pop tart? 

This recipe is vegan, gluten free and AMAZING! We currently have 1 left and I think Drew and I are at a stand off because we both don't want to eat it and crush the other persons pop tart craving... it won't last long though!

let's start baking!