Homemade Mixed Nut Butter

A big trend right now at trader joe's and other big grocery stores is a "mixed" nut butter! I figured since I had a bag of mixed nuts at home why not try to recreate this delicious spread! It was SO easy! I can't stress that enough! If you have allergies or need to be careful with what you are ingesting for dietary needs all you need is a food processor and a bag of nuts its that simple! I use to make my own peanut butter all the time in college when I just couldn't justify a container of almond butter for $13.99 when I could buy a bag of almonds at the health food store for $9.00.

My $9.00 bag of almonds made about 4 jars of almond butter that was healthy and limited ingredients! I like having plain peanut or almond butter for my daily needs and then honey almond, mixed nut or peanut butter for those nights where I need a sweet kick!

Lets start!