Bee Sting Coffee

I am a huge lover of my daily ice coffee and when it gets hot in the summer there isn't anything more refreshing than some sweet warm iced coffee! I've been experimenting with Black Rifle Coffee's beans lately and have been writing some posts for them and have been satisfying my sweet tooth in the afternoon with this delicious treat!

Let's start brewing!


- 1 cup of ice

- 2 shots of espresso (get some yummy beans here)

- a drizzle of honey (here is my honey drizzle, and this is the honey I use)

- 4 oz of almond milk (use regular milk if you can tolerate, I got this kind)


1. Fill your cup with ice and pull your 2 shots of yummy espresso

2. pour in your milk of choice

3. drizzle your honey over the beverage and drink!

4. enjoy the sweetness!