Iced Tea with Honey Drizzle

When the days start getting longer and warmer I crave iced black tea with honey drizzle! I love how the honey gets cold in the tea and coats the ice cubes with sugar. The slight sweetness from the honey gives just enough to sweeten the black tea! I tend to drink my iced tea in the afternoons when I am working away on Front Paige and enjoying the fading light!

What kind of iced tea is your favorite?


- 12 cups of boiling water

- 5 tea bags of your favorite black or green tea ( this is my favorite

- 1 swipe of honey from our honey stick


1. Bring 12 cups of water to a boil

2. Pour your hot water into a heat safe pitcher (mine is from my registry, here: they are my favorite gift I have received so far!)

3. Place your 5 tea bags into your hot water and steep for 6 minutes

4. When your timer is done, remove the tea bags from the pitcher and set in the fridge to cool; roughly 3 hours

5. Pour over ice and drizzle on your honey!

6. Enjoy the summer!