Jacobsen Salt: Vanilla Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

At work last week, my friend Rosanna gave me a few jars of Jacobsen Salt. This company makes the most tasty salts! I have a few of their more savory flavors, like Ghost Pepper Salt, Chili Lime Salt and now a few more to add to my collection! In this new little batch she gifted to me I received Vanilla Salt and Coffee Salt! I knew I had to pair this salt with a classic Chocolate Chip cookie to really make the cookie flavors pop!

In this recipe I used my no fail classic chocolate chip cookie recipe seen HERE and sprinkled the salt pre-baking on the top! I used a medium hand with the salt to really use the salt as a counter balance to the sweet of the cookie!

They turned out so well! I know this because they were immediately grabbed off the plate by my sister and her boyfriend! 

I highly recommend trying this salt! Its so yummy!