Love Cupcakes

Let's talk love since its Valentine's Day! Besides my love for baking and sweet treats what keeps me going is my cutie bug of a fiancé and my adorable floof of a pup!

Many of you guys don't know but our little rescue doggie is my baking assistant. Well that is a loose term since she mostly just sits patiently waiting for nibbles (she usually gets a doggie cookie instead of a people cookie!). My fiancé Drew is just the best human in the world. He sits with me when I bake and puts all my ingredients back in the fridge when I finish them (without asking.... its amazing!), and of course is the taste tester in this operation!

Although we are apart this Valentine's Day we share the love every day we have together and even when we are apart. Valentine's Day is a fun day to wear pink and buy cheesy gifts but I find that showing love to your special people in this world everyday is what matters most. Buuuuutttttt that didn't stop me from baking some yummy Valentine's Day treats!

We combined a few of my favorite recipes for this post and ill link them all below!

Remember to bake from the heart and to bake with love, that is what makes the best treats for your sweets! 

Cake Recipe: Here

Frosting Recipe: Here with some pink natural dye

Cookie Recipe: *cut into hearts with a cookie cutter* Here

Share your posts on what you baked for Valentine's Day by sending them via in mail on instagram, email. Or tag me in  your posts and or #frontpaigebakes for more fun! I'd love to see your Valentine's Day creations!