Travel Day Healthy Cocktail

Travel day is upon us! I, like many of you watch cheesy romantic comedies around this time of year and always would laugh about those families traveling across the country to see family! Funny enough, that is us this year! I grew up fortunate enough that all my family lived within an hour flight of our house! This year, Drew, Moose and I are in Florida, and traveling to San Francisco to see my whole family (yay to first christmas as a married couple!) and its a long flight for Miss Moo! I know the first thing I'll be doing when we get to my parents house is kicking off my shoes, hugging my family and plopping my booty right on their floor! 

kombucha cocktail.jpg

Sometimes a good cocktail is amazing and it really hits the spot but 90% of the time they are loaded with sugar and crap! I filled this cocktail with delicious kombucha and lemon for a twist! No added sugar and added in the good parts of the kombucha for good digestion!  Try it out and give me some feedback!