Winter Solstice Chocolate Almond Milk (healthy!)

Today is the winter solstice marking the shortest daylight of the year! It's no secret that I LOVE winter! It is hands down my favorite season! Even when we were living in freezing cold Montana, I loved winter ( I miss it so much!). When Drew and I were in college we would hunker down on days we had work or school and sit in the kitchen at our table and watch the snow fall with a cute Moose on my lap! SO much has changed since I started this site and it's been such a journey to have a place to share recipes with fellow celiac folk and friends that just want some healthy recipes! 


One thing that I've always wanted to do is create a chocolate milk that I love! Growing up my family never bought chocolate milk and I never really liked the store bought almond milks flavored to be chocolate! Since winter to me screams all things chocolate, I figured heck, it's a short day of sunlight and we all want chocolate so let's whip this up!


Give this a try and please tag me! And of course enjoy your night of extended darkness by watching a movie, drinking your chocolate milk and enjoying your day!