Chocolate Protein Oatmeal Granola


Lately, I've been craving cereal... am I the only one who randomly goes through dips and needs of eating cereal! Let me know because my craving for granola has been high lately! Well, instead of going through boxes of store bought granola full of sugar and junk, I grabbed my fave vegan protein powder (here)---ps. it takes like a legit brownie and mixed it in with a few ingredients to make my own protein packed granola! Its chocolatey, crunchy and full of protein!  


Throw this granola over some yogurt, or in a bowl with almond milk (my fave!!)! It's a perfect breakfast that fills you up and gets your protein in early in the morning as well as some good carbohydrates and fats to keep your brain working all day!


Super yummy, and its vegan! YUM! follow me on instagram for more fun recipes & daily life in the kitchen!