Gluten-free & Vegan Sugar Cookies

Let's kick off the first of December with some gluten-free & vegan sugar cookies! And guys; this is the second shoot in our new little house on base in Florida and I can honestly say it turned out moodier than I expected but I love moody images! There is something to rich about the darkness of images that draws me in! One of the most rewarding things to be about creating recipes is being able to connect to other people who make my recipes and enjoy them! Something that I love more than anything about baking is the smile on Drew's face when he takes a big bite of a sweet treat! 


Sugar cookies are just the best during the holidays! I haven't had a good gluten-free and vegan sugar cookie since I was diagnosed with celiac disease and I couldn't let this holiday go without baking a huge batch of cookies! 


Check them out and give me a tag if you do! And happy December 1st! Let the holiday baking commence!