Maple Syrup Pear Oatmeal


Something you might not know about me is that I love oatmeal! I love it! When I was a kid my parents would wake my sister and I up for school. We'd rolled out of bed and got to the kitchen for breakfast and 9 times out of 10 my dad would have a big white ceramic bowl full of steaming hot oats ready for us! I have the best memories of him giving us each a huge scoop in a bowl and my sister and I just pouring maple syrup and brown sugar into the oats! Not until college did I start putting fruits and nuts into my oatmeal and it really hasn't stopped since!


One of my all time favorite things to add to my oatmeal is a good ripe pear! Pears have such a distinct flavor that it adds to the nuttiness of the oats! Although, they don't add that much texture the slight flavor enhancement is worth the addition! I also love to garnish the top of mine with slices of pears for a yummy treat with each bite!