S'mores two ways!

Summer time is full of fruit, sun and s'mores! My favorite part of s'mores growing up was the chocolate. I bet many of you are the same way! I decided to whip of a new style of s'more for our summer bbq. Cookies in chocolate and double chocolate made into the shape of a waffle (more marshmallow falls into the creases...its awesome). I took my traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe last seen here, my Vegan Chocolate Sandwich cookie seen here, and my Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookie recipe here, and made them into mini waffle cookies! The steps to these cute creations are below! Remember to follow me on instagram for pictures not seen below and to tag me in your recipes when you make them!

1. Take your dough of choice, roll them into cookie sized balls (2 teaspoons)

2. Place the balls into the hot waffle iron in the middle

3. Once they are finished cooking, set aside

4. When the s'mores are all cooked place the marshmallows in between the cookies and enjoy!