Vegan Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

I've been fascinated with vegan baking lately. Not being able to eat dairy myself I find that I accidentally eat vegan more often than not. I figured I'd start jumping head first towards vegan baking! And honestly its super fun! Do I hit it right with every recipe....definitely not! But thats what makes it fun! In between these yummy whoopie pies, I made my delicious vegan vanilla buttercream! I surprised my dad with this recipe! I didn't tell him it was vegan and he tasted it and said it was a great buttercream. The expression on his face was of complete shock when I told him it was vegan!

So lets get to baking now that we are all hungry!

Vegan Chocolate Sandwich Cookies: preheat the oven to 350° and line a sheet with parchment paper

- 1/2 cup of conflict free palm shortening

- 1 cup of coconut sugar (or granulated sugar)

- 3/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder

- 1/2 cup of almond milk

- 1 dash of vanilla extract

- 1 pinch of salt

- 1 1/2 cup all purpose unbleached flour

- 1 teaspoon of baking soda


1. In a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, cream the palm shortening with the sugar

2. Next, beat in your cocoa powder, salt and your vanilla extract until smooth

3. Pour your almond milk slowly into the batter while the setting is set to "stir"

4. Beat your all purpose flour into the mixture until smooth

5. Scoop out 1 teaspoon pieces of the batter (it should be thick like a short bread), roll with your hands into a ball and press onto a baking sheet

6. Bake for 12 minutes until the tops slightly crack

7. Let the cookies cool while you prepare your frosting (recipe below)

Vegan Vanilla Buttercream:

- 1/4 cup of palm shortening

- 2 cups of powdered sugar

- 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

- 1/4 teaspoon of salt

- 1 tablespoon of almond milk


1. With the whisk attachment, beat your palm shortening until smooth

2. Add in your powdered sugar 1/2 cup at a time to make sure you don't poof powdered sugar in your face (I have done that too many times haha learn from my mistakes)

3. Pour in your almond milk and your vanilla to add back some moistures

4. Whip in the salt and add the rest of your powdered sugar into the frosting

5. On high speed whip the frosting for about 4 minutes until fluffy and smooth

6. Using a spatula, place the frosting into a piping bag, get ready to frost the inside of your whoopie pies!

7. Eat and Enjoy!