Protein Packed Peanut Butter Bites

If you're like me, finding extra protein to add to your diet can get hard! I love to eat things with texture so drinking protein powder doesn't always hit the spot! I find baking with protein powder amazing and it add that extra protein that you need in your day. The chocolate protein powder that I use is vegan and tastes like a chocolate milkshake. Talk about yummy. Today I was craving some peanut butter oatmeal, and I decided to create this easy recipe instead of throwing down a protein shake or a bowl of oatmeal post workout. Its easy, yummy and full of protein!

These little bites taste like your grandmas oatmeal cookies mixed with chocolate sauce! Hello Yummy!

Protein Packed Peanut Butter Bites: preheat the oven to 350° fahrenheit

Using a hand mixer, cream the peanut butter and the protein powder together

Add in the ground cinnamon and the water to make the mixture a little thinner

Next, combine the cup of gluten free oats to the mixture until mixed evenly

Using your hands, pinch small pieces of the dough and roll into circles using the palm of your hand

- 1 cup of creamy peanut butter

- 4 scoops of vegan protein powder (chocolate is best)

- 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

- 2 tablespoons water

- 1 cup of gluten free oats


Bake on a cookie sheet for 10-12 minutes until you see them start to crack.

Eat and enjoy! And for those who are wondering, the protein content for each ball of dough is 1.8-2.4 grams of protein depending on the size of your bite!