A Summer of Adventures

Hey Readers!

Since I'm assuming you guys are avid bakers, taste testers of the delicious, or just into beautiful food for both viewing and day dreaming pleasure, I am here to kick off Front Paige with a bang! I drew up this idea because hey! who wouldn't want to read a blog about a Montana girl who has a passion, and I mean PASSION for baking all day long. I mean my poor boyfriend is probably so so so sick of sweets 365 days a year. Some people stress eat, I stress bake and add to those who stress eat. I'd say its a win win.

Okay, well lets get to it.

This summer I had the chance to see where my photography skills could get me and those skills landed me in the Big Apple. After an internship in NYC, living in a 500 sq foot apartment with my cousin, and absolutely ZERO time to bake, I was itching to touch some sugar and a pastry slicer when I arrived back home to my parents house in Northern California. 

Although more than happy to have me home, they weren't too happy at the reverse summer diet that they didn't know was coming!