4 Baking Chocolates

Let's just discuss again how much I love chocolate! I talked about this love in this post, this one, and yet again  here... I always think its so delicious to combine densities, and bitterness of chocolate in one treat! Growing up, my family really helped me grow my love of chocolate. In my parents house, we have a chocolate drawer. Yes a drawer in the kitchen completely dedicated to the best sweet out there!

Hershey's Unsweetened Dark Chocolate cocoa powder is my all time favorite style of baking cocoa. For all you ladies and gents out there that have sensitivities to eating dairy, or even whey isolate that is also found in a ton of chocolates, you can eat this! I love to add it to all my gluten and dairy free recipes for a quick switch from normal to chocolate! I used this chocolate in this recipe below

Secondly, I love using 70% bittersweet cocoa in the bar from Ghirardelli. This is the all time best chocolate for double chocolate chip brownies. The easiest way to use it is to chop it up, place in a bowl (heat proof) and place the bowl over a saucepan of boiling water and the chocolate melts! Its so smooth and blends in so well!

Chocolate Chips literally are the best! I love just munching on these when I need a little chocolate fix. For chocolate chip cookies and brownies with chocolate chips I always use semi sweet chocolate chips. When I feel like I need to spice up the regular chocolate chip recipe, I take the Ghiradelli bar from above, and chop it into little squares and stir in these chunks along with my semi sweet chocolate morsels!!! Talk about YUMMY!!!

White chocolate, is sometimes undermined in its ability to add dimension to anything chocolate or blondie related. Most recipes that use white chocolate are recipes that are "blondie bases" aka macadamia and browned butter with brown sugar. Very very sweet recipes. But personally, I love adding these white snow drops into the recipes with regular chocolate chips. I used them in these brownies, and they really added to the taste of the brownie!

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