Where do you live?

– We currently live in Salt Lake City, UT but will be moving soon!

What is your favorite thing to photograph?

– Food. But, really, find joy in photographing food and especially food that tastes delicious

Do you eat the food that you bake?

– I do take a bite out of every recipe I make and if we have too many goodies in our house we give them to our friends and family!

What are you allergic to?

– I was diagnosed with celiac disease three years ago and with that comes a high sensitivity to dairy. That is why all my recipes are gluten free and dairy free and sometimes vegan!

Where do you photograph?

– I photograph and bake all the food in my kitchen. Sometimes I switch it up and change from the dining room table (its next to a beautiful southern facing window) to the west side of the house to my kitchen nook (the cute green patterned table)!