About Paige

       Front Paige came to me one morning when I was  8 years old. Sitting at the kitchen island. I was watching my dad read the newspaper and thinking “Paige two, last Paige,” then it hit me…”FRONT PAIGE.” I found my love of baking when I was a wee little kid. As long as I can remember it all started with a  cheesecake. My best friend told me how much she loved cheesecake and as an 8 year old kid my first thought was ,” yuck a cake made out of cheese?!” but clearly its not a cheddar sweet cake its a decedent cream cheese cake. I told myself I had to make one. My grandma bought me a kids cookbook from William Sonoma and low and behold it had a recipe for a classic cheesecake.

      Fast forward 8 more years, I had just turned 16. As a ballerina since I was 2 years old, I was dedicated to my art. Devastating news hit me when I learned that after years of wear and tear I had torn my meniscus and had to under go surgery. Though, this surgery wasn’t the end of the journey in and out of the hospital, the following year, the summer before my senior year of high school, I had my ACL surgery. I had missed the college auditions for ballet and was lost. I did what any young baker would do. I turned back to the first recipe that I had ever baked on my own.

The Cheesecake.

I threw myself into my baking, I was baking and photographing and creating and styling food. I decided that I was going to pursue a study in photography and really hone this skill. Fast forward 9 months and I’m in the mountain city of Bozeman, Montana, studying photography at Montana State University. 

After another road bump, a diagnosis with celiac disease I turned my energy into creating easy recipes that people like me could make if they didn’t have access to fancy mixes or flours at the store! I am my happiest self when I am elbows deep in flour, kneading dough, mixing cake batter and frosting little sweet treats. Through my journey of getting diagnosed with celiac disease I realized I needed to bake gluten-free & dairy free products so people like me could actually enjoy a treat!  There is nothing better to me than making someone happy through a homemade sweet. 

As a newlywed Air Force wife I’ve found solace in baking and sharing my recipes with my Front Paige community through every tough move, training and change! I hope that my journey through baking, my photographs and stories will inspire you to bake, read and taste some of my favorite recipes!