4-Ingredient Raw Date Bites

I'm always on the hunt to make some healthy but yummy snacks, especially during the summer! I've been playing around with raw desserts and dates lately and found these to be delicious and sweet but also light weight and summery! They are so easy to make and quite pretty on a plate to serve at a bbq or a party!

Healthy, easy and delicious! Will satisfy any sweet tooth and are incredibly easy to make! Tag me in your instagram photos! Follow me: front__paige http://frontpaige.net inquires: paige@frontpaige.net

Sugar-Free Cherry Jam

Every Saturday morning my husband and I take Moose over to the farmers market to pick up fresh local produce and peruse the local vendors! Cherries are some of my favorite summer fruit and I love when they are so fresh and sweet they make your mouth zing when you bite into them! On this particular past weekend I got a little over zealous with my cherry purchasing and ended up with a few extra pounds of cherries than I could eat! Since Drew and I love our gluten free toast with peanut butter and jam  in the morning, I figured why not make a sugar free jam!

I'm not a fan of sugary sweet jam from the store in fact I like the ones that have more of a zest to them! This easy jam is sugar free and hands down my favorite jam I have ever had! It is incredibly easy to make and tastes delicious!! Trust me with this one!

Homemade Mixed Nut Butter

A big trend right now at trader joe's and other big grocery stores is a "mixed" nut butter! I figured since I had a bag of mixed nuts at home why not try to recreate this delicious spread! It was SO easy! I can't stress that enough! If you have allergies or need to be careful with what you are ingesting for dietary needs all you need is a food processor and a bag of nuts its that simple! I use to make my own peanut butter all the time in college when I just couldn't justify a container of almond butter for $13.99 when I could buy a bag of almonds at the health food store for $9.00.

My $9.00 bag of almonds made about 4 jars of almond butter that was healthy and limited ingredients! I like having plain peanut or almond butter for my daily needs and then honey almond, mixed nut or peanut butter for those nights where I need a sweet kick!

Lets start!

Peanut Butter Frosting

One of my favorite things to eat is peanut butter on anything! Okay, well not anything but to me its the most delicious little snack or sweet! My favorite little snack is to pair my gluten-free & vegan chocolate ice box cookies with my sweet peanut butter frosting! This frosting is not greasy like a buttercream but soft and fluffy....but also 100% vegan!