Maple Oatmeal Cookies

For our wedding a dear friend of ours gifted to us a bottle of his homemade maple syrup! I absolutely love maple syrup--the natural stuff not the stuff from the bottom shelf at the market. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and we have made our fair share of pancake stacks *check instagram. 

Dairy-Free Snickerdoodle Affogato

I have recently been craving ice cream like all the time since its been so toasty here in SLC! I have tried every dairy and gluten-free ice cream under the sun until I saw Nada Moo sitting perfectly on the shelf at my local grocery store! I think so far my favorite flavor that I have tried is the snickerdoodle! It is creamy and has ribbons of cinnamon and chunks of snickerdoodle cookie in the cream. Needless to say its just delicious! Mixed with the smokey espresso shots this combination is the best!

Vegan Espresso Chocolate Fudgesicles

As a little kid we always would have fudgesicles in the house because my dad is a HUGE chocolate ice cream fan! I've been working on a lot of coffee related recipes recently and thought heck why not add a little caffeine boost to the classic fudgesicle! This is such an easy recipe and seriously so good that even Drew ate like 3 popsicles and he is not an ice cream dude!

let's start "pop-sic-ling"